River Rat Designs

LASER ENGRAVING on Glassware, wood, special metals.  That's right, with the addition of our new engraver, you can now have virtually any font style on your item AND we also have the ability to engrave LOGOS at an AFFORDABLE price!

TROPHIES AND AWARDS now available at River Rat Designs.  The shop has been set up in it's new location within our facility and is doing quite well.

Need plaques?  Trophies?  Medals?  Metal sign for your door or desk?  Name badge?  We can help

Trophy and Awards Catalogs:

     BH Catalog  - plaques & awards

     Elegance - plaques & awards

     Airflyte - plaques & awards

     Trophy Catalog - trophies

    Trophy Catalog II - trophies

    Wedding Glasses & Accessories

    Engravable Gifts - keychains, ornaments, trinket boxes, etc. 

RECYCLE your old trophies!   Clubs and organizations.... got a lot of old trophies that you would like to reuse????  Bring them in and we'll make a new plate or swap out your parts to create a new award for you. 

Campers - clubs - teams - hunters - always wanted to have a gag award???  Stop by and we'll assemble one for you.